Sunday, July 27, 2008


Came back from Mass and Crow was nowhere to be found. T drove around the neighborhood looking for her, Mr H went to see if she was back by the railroad tracks, nothing. Then T got back and noticed her lying in a heap by the porch steps, in among the thistles. Was she hurt after all?? No..... she's sitting on another clutch of eggs! The last batch of chicks are only 2 months old! This time she did a better job of hiding her eggs from me, so she managed to accumulate 6 of them. 6 sky-blue eggs. Last time, since I was collecting eggs every day, and once she goes broody she doesn't lay any more, she hatched out 3 of Bebop's eggs, none of her own. Bebop lays white eggs, so they are easy to distinguish. I cleaned out the Eglu, put in fresh clean bedding, and moved her amid loud protestations. She will be safe in there. Bebop, LoverBoy and the chicks (sex still uncertain but I am provisionally calling them Henny & Penny (Henrietta & Penelope)) can stay in the Poulet Chalet. Bebop has gotten the habit of laying her eggs there, anyway. Whew... always drama in the chicken world!

So why am I letting her hatch out another clutch of eggs while I'm trying to sell or rent my house? What am I going to do with all these chickens?? I dunno. I went through all that doubt with the first clutch. I went through all that doubt when it was time to plant my vegetable garden this spring. It seemed to be the thing to do, and so far it is working out. In fact, the couple that almost bought the house wanted to keep the chickens! We will find a home for them. It might sound silly, but in my mind, in midst of this spiritual metamorphosis I am undergoing, it is all a part of letting go, letting God. Trust. Do the right thing and let Him take care of the consequences.


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