Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Job Interview #1

I had my first job interview today. It went very well! I very much liked the boss, as a person but most importantly, also as a boss. The emphasis and balance of responsibilities seems very attractive to me. The challenges I would walk into are ones I'm really happy to take on. Work-life balance seems to be well supported.

She'll be interviewing more candidates through this week, then her boss will re-interview a few selected finalists. I think she very much liked me for the job, too. If anything I'm a little overqualified, but not by so much as to disqualify me, and anyway she intends to try to get the job reclassified up another grade within the year. So ... good day! Now it's just waiting for more news.

There is nothing that affects job satisfaction as much as the relationship with the supervisor. I would be very happy to work for the woman I spoke with today. I hope I get offered the job!

Blessings to you
Regina Terrae


  1. Hi Regina, I saw the comment you posted on the GlyntPottery blog so I thought I'd say Thank You. I also wish you great success in your job hunt! I would so very much like to change jobs, too. I'm too chicken right now, with the economy. Best Wishes, Sue

  2. Thanks! You are very talented! I'm lucky, I have a lot of experience in grant administration, and that is big with all the economic recovery money going out from government these days. Don't give up! I don't know if you're the praying type, but if so -- you know God's got great plans in store for you, if you dare to risk.

    Blessings to you