Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sweet Relief

How many women do you know who are actually happy to receive their monthly visitor? Well, I am thrilled. I don't feel great, I've got cramps, but the fog is lifting. Whew. I am so glad to be really conscious for Holy Week, after all. It is a very powerful season for me.

I got called for a job interview this morning -- a bureaucratic job, but pays well, and it's at USDA -- agriculture being one of those things I am passionately interested in, and if I don't love everything USDA does, I am at least encouraged at the direction it seems to want to move in under Obama and Sec. Vilsack.

I am moving forward with an open mind. God has a plan for me, I don't know what it is and I don't need to know. I just have to empty myself of my own pushy will and pray that He puts His words in my mouth for the interview, and to also hear with His ears. If the job feels right, during the interview, and if it's offered to me, I'll take it with the understanding that in some way it will bring me closer to my dream, my true vocation. It'll get my finances straight, help me to buy a retirement mini-farm (hermitage?), add to my pension, and provide long-term care insurance, the one kind of insurance my old cushy job didn't offer. It'll give me a detailed understanding of the kind of grants USDA offers to small, sustainable, start-up, and/or community farms (whether I'd be making myself ineligible to apply as a retiree is a key question for the interview), and probably a broader acquaintance with innovative farms and farmers.

Thanks for the prayers, folks -- I think they're working, keep 'em coming!
Blessings to you


  1. Hi Regina!

    Congratulations on the interview! I hope it goes or that it went well. Apologies for not commenting in a while, I have had to return to working at the office. Anyway...prayers are always being sent your way! :)

    Happy Easter! :)

  2. Thanks for the note, Nadia. Happy Easter to you, too! I will be posting tonight or (more likely) tomorrow. I've been kinda busy this week -- I hosted Easter dinner for 24 at my house today! It was a challenge I voluntarily took on myself and enjoyed, and am satisfied with how well I managed it, and now I am EXHAUSTED. (Especially because I went to a glorious Easter Vigil Mass last night, and ended up getting 3.5 hours of sleep).